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My first imperssion of the protagonist emiko Sumoto of the book "The War Between the Classes" is, that she is unreliable and touchy

Emiko is a Japanese girl living in America in a block with her parents. She is 17 years old and has a boyfriend named Adam. He is a rich american boy. Her parents are very strict and dislike the relationship between Emiko and Adam because of the Japanese tradition. In addition Emiko has a brother named Hideo. Hideo has a conflict with his parents,too. the reason for that ist that he has an american wife.her name is Sue. Emiko lives in two different worlds. The world of yesterday at home and the world of today with adam. she goes to school and there her friends call her Amy.

The girl has positive and negative charactertraits. she is very sensitive " trembling, i trew myself on the bed and burst into tears". one the one hand she is in love with Adam"the butterflies began swarming again.."and that's the reason for the fact that she is very unreliable, too. she has come home to late.Emiko is not very self-confident and has very much respect for her father "what he said is low". On the other hand she is outgoing because she has got a boyfriend and is a seventeen years old girl and whats to have her freedom.

as a result my first imperession is right, that she is touchy and unreliable but she is seveteen years old and her Japanese parents have an other attitude.


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