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film review

my impression of the movie is that the movie ist very boring and old. the characters are not very clearly and my thoughts were diffrent. i thougt the movie will be better but it was really an old one!

6.5.11 20:20


first scene

amy and adam are sitting in adam's car which is a expensive and modern one and they are talking to eachother.the car reside in front of amy's little house.

(amy looks very sweet and has a beautiful flower in her hairs. herr clothes are a red dress which shows the love between adam and amy. 

(adam looks very rich and have a cool jeans with a cap and a mark t-shirt. his hair is long and looks like a surferboy/highschoolboy)

Amy: oh adam, i'm so happy that i have you and that you're by my side.

adam: oh my cute Japaneese girl. i love you.

amy and adam kissed.

Amy : oh adam what time is it?

Adam: it'S two o'clock!

amy: what?! that can't be possilbe. my parents will be very angry!! i must go now!

adam: stay ! please..only a few minutes.

Amy: adam, you know i want but you know my parents.

Adam: okey.what a pity. good luck honey. i will think about you, everything will be okey. you will see.

amy: thanks! i hope we will  see us tomorrow at the beachparty!

adam: you hope ?! why we shouldn't see eachother?

Amy: because i'm very very late and i have broken a lam. maybe i'm not allowed to be with you anymore--

Adam: i hope i'm allowed! good night

Amy: good night.

(amy kisses adam and runs away to the house. adam starts the motor of his car and drives away 


6.5.11 20:17

Before the color game: amy and adam were very in love and amy thought a lot about their wonderful relationship. they had a good time together and at the dance the had a lot of fun. but adam was jealous, too because of the fact that amy have danced with an other boy, too.

all in all was the relationship very acceptably. they loved eachother and were happy!

6.5.11 19:59

being a g4 is like being a teacher and a policeman. Tey control people and wanted to teach people.
6.5.11 19:54

Amy and carol

the class started to play the color game. amy gets the blue one and her friend a green one.they wanted to meet in the shopping hall but there was an arregement .amy was very angry. she thought that everybody is changing his/ her mind and old friendshipd will be destroyed. she hated this terrible color game!
6.5.11 19:51

Amy's special objec

i draw a family picture with an old picture fram. the family appears very happy. in addition i draw a pretty flower which shows that amy ist very sensitive.
6.5.11 19:45

Adam has a big room, because his parents are very rich. In one corner of the tidied up room there is a high cupboard with a lot of trophies in it, because he is the captain of the football team. Between the expensive bed the new sofa is a computer with the latest technology. Next to the window is a bookshelf with many books in it. On his night desk there is his key for his new Audi A5. Adam has a lot of dumbbells in his room.
6.5.11 19:40

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