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first scene

amy and adam are sitting in adam's car which is a expensive and modern one and they are talking to eachother.the car reside in front of amy's little house.

(amy looks very sweet and has a beautiful flower in her hairs. herr clothes are a red dress which shows the love between adam and amy. 

(adam looks very rich and have a cool jeans with a cap and a mark t-shirt. his hair is long and looks like a surferboy/highschoolboy)

Amy: oh adam, i'm so happy that i have you and that you're by my side.

adam: oh my cute Japaneese girl. i love you.

amy and adam kissed.

Amy : oh adam what time is it?

Adam: it'S two o'clock!

amy: what?! that can't be possilbe. my parents will be very angry!! i must go now!

adam: stay ! please..only a few minutes.

Amy: adam, you know i want but you know my parents.

Adam: okey.what a pity. good luck honey. i will think about you, everything will be okey. you will see.

amy: thanks! i hope we will  see us tomorrow at the beachparty!

adam: you hope ?! why we shouldn't see eachother?

Amy: because i'm very very late and i have broken a lam. maybe i'm not allowed to be with you anymore--

Adam: i hope i'm allowed! good night

Amy: good night.

(amy kisses adam and runs away to the house. adam starts the motor of his car and drives away 


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