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Adam has a big room, because his parents are very rich. In one corner of the tidied up room there is... weiterlesen
6.5.11 19:40


Amy's special objec

i draw a family picture with an old picture fram. the family appears very happy. in addition i draw ... weiterlesen
6.5.11 19:45

Amy and carol

the class started to play the color game. amy gets the blue one and her friend a green one.they want... weiterlesen
6.5.11 19:51

being a g4 is like being a teacher and a policeman. Tey control people and wanted to teach people.... weiterlesen
6.5.11 19:54

Before the color game: amy and adam were very in love and amy thought a lot about their wonderful re... weiterlesen
6.5.11 19:59

first scene

amy and adam are sitting in adam's car which is a expensive and modern one and they are talking to e... weiterlesen
6.5.11 20:17

film review

my impression of the movie is that the movie ist very boring and old. the characters are not very cl... weiterlesen
6.5.11 20:20

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